Our fantastic speakers are listed below:

Stephanie Davies, from Laughology

Over the past 15 years Stephanie has gained an unsurpassed reputation for designing and delivering interventions for top performing teams in various settings and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading voices in happiness, humour, and laughter.

Company founder and CEO, Stephanie has developed Laughology into the nations most talked about training and development provider. Stephanie’s unique combination as an award winning stand-up comedian and her expertise and knowledge in psychology and business makes her one of the most sought after speakers on the business and after-dinner circuit. She also uses her knowledge to provide consultancy and training programmes for some of the top exec teams in the country, working with well known blue chip organisations and government parties.

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Sarah Thorp, from Sarah Thorp Fitness

Sarah is a personal trainer, dance teacher, writer and editor. She believes in maintaining a well-balanced, healthy and vibrant body through eating well and making sure exercise is varied regularly to keep muscles and joints strong and supple. She knows the key to staying motivated and achieving goals is finding a healthy and active life-style that makes you happy and still leaves time for the other important things in life.

Sarah’s other passions include reading and writing, so when she is not personal training she works as a freelance copy editor and proof reader. She has also published a picture book in collaboration with her sister (an illustrator) and is currently finalising her two debut, young-adult novels.

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Rebecca Jackson, from Rebecca Jackson Project Le Mans

Rebecca Jackson is 2013 Production Porsche Boxster Championship winning racing driver, motoring journalist, TV presenter and business woman.

After self-starting a used car sales business in 2007, Rebecca was able to embark on a racing career. Success begun with 5 podiums in her second season of competing in the Porsche 924 Championship. She then stepped up to race a Porsche Boxster in line with Project Le Mans, her four-year plan to race at arguably the most prestigious 24-hour endurance race in the world.

To accompany an already busy schedule she can also be found on ITV4 presenting “I Want That Car”, guest appearances on Fifth Gear, live hosting for Goodwood and after dinner speeches. This complements her role as Michelin Inspirational Woman, which she was awarded with in 2012, 2013 and again in 2014.

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